Web Page Screenshots boost visitor Confidence!

Website Thumbnails (also known as PagePix, thumbshots, snapshots, or previews) are web screenshots that can help you quickly and easily recognize web pages. Web page previews display the exactly what you would see before you click on a link.

Millions of people trust and rely on thumbshots to help them navigate online and stay in control of their surfing.

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Improve Search Accuracy

shoes.com fossil.com

Ex: Search for "shoes" may show shoes.com and fossil.com

Humans are visual by nature and since most websites have a unique look-and-feel, it only makes sense to show visual cues (or previews) of websites next to search results.


Recall Previously Visited Sites

yahoo.com msn.com

Ex: Which site was that again??

Recognize previously visited sites quickly just by glancing at a thumbshot. Never click on every search result again, just to find a site you've forgotten! Previews save time and effort!

Filter Offensive Sites

Adult Site Example - censor manually applied Adult Site Example - censors manually applied

Adult sites can usually be spotted very quickly -even in a small preview size. Website thumbnails help steer you clear.


Filter Foreign Sites

Local10 News Example of a Foreign site

Visualize foreign sites and text. In the case of large thumbnails, you can even read the text most of the time!

Discover Ambiguous Sites

SI.com's Detroit Pistons page aamco.com auto parts

Ex: Which site should a search for "pistons" give you?

With website thumbnails , you can easily distinguish between an auto parts site and the Detroit Pistons NBA site.


Find Inspiration and Beautiful Designs

A cool snapshot

Ex: ShrunkTheWeb Website Thumbnail Gallery

Discover incredible designs you never would've known about just by glancing through galleries of thumbnails.

Keep a History for Archival Purposes

Wikipedia in English Wikipedia in German

Take snapshots of web pages and store the changed versions for point-in-time referencing and change control tracking.


Filter Parked or Broken Sites

Example of a parked domain Shown when a site is down during the attempted screen capture

Helps to point out domains that are "parked" or that may be offline. In these cases, a special thumbshot is shown.


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Real-world benefits to using web page screenshots in forward-thinking design
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Download PDF Article on Benefits of Web Page Screenshots Exploring tiny images: the roles of appearance and contextual information for machine and human object recognition.
The importance of images within context to extrapolate desired information
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Establishes a taxonomy of image-text relationships that reflects the ways that images and text interact
University of Maryland 2003
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Empirical evaluation of the utility of thumbnail previews in web search results
Microsoft 2002

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Wave of the Future

Here is an example use case, where we use screenshots to clearly show comparisons of search result rankings.

High quality website thumbnails have begun to revolutionize the web, by giving an easier way to recognize and navigate the web. In 2011, Google released a preview for their search results. They call it Google Instant Preview. There was resistance, as with any BIG change, but Google steadfastly stood behind the previews as "the wave of the future." (and, of course, we agree).

UPDATE: Google never did integrate screenshots the way users wanted to see them and so Google received poor response. They must have a good reason to not show the preview beside the listing, automatically, but they chose to remove them altogether. This opens the door for another search engine to differentiate itself with the more visually appealing look of web page previews!

See other fantastic uses of our website thumbnails on our website thumbnails sample uses page.


Did you know?

  • Millions of people have begun to frequent sites more often that use website thumbnails or thumbshots
  • Our surveys tell us that 95+% of users would like to see thumbshots in their favorite search engine.
  • Many companies employing website previews next to their affiliate links are seeing increased profits


What People Say About ShrinkTheWeb Thumbshots

"Many of our forum's members have on-line businesses, and they always look for some extra exposure! That's why adding "shrink the web" to their profiles was such a hit!! Now visitors can see snapshot of a member's website in a profile!

Our members LOVE this new feature!"

-- Yulia, member of ShrinkTheWeb

"I am simply loving your service. I experienced a lot of troubles with other thumbnail providers out there as their thumbnails were queued for over a week. It doesn't take more than 5 minutes from your side which is just superb.

Thanks a lottt for this excellent service. I am highly impressed."

-- Vinayak, member of ShrinkTheWeb

"STW is a very easy to use service that can benefit just about anyone who blogs or has a website."

-- Jonathon, member of ShrinkTheWeb

"The thumbnail idea is a good one."

-- Michael Rogers, editor for Newsweek.com

"I'd just like to say thanks for providing such an awesome service!
I believe I tried all thumbnail services out there and yours is by far the best!

I'm so happy I finally found a reliable and FAST thumbnail provider."

-- Dan, member of ShrinkTheWeb

"I just want to compliment you guys on an amazing and frankly irreplaceable service- I've been a designer for over 6 years and have very, very rarely found a service as dedicated, decent (and free!) as you guys. Y'all are doing a real service to webmasters everywhere, and to the web in general. Thanks for keepin it real."

-- T, member of ShrinkTheWeb

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